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Your Management Software

Easy and Exact Time Tracking SoftwareSearching through Translation Management Software for Freelance Translators

  • Projetex — Project management for corporate and freelance translators 

A simple and efficient way to monitor and track your projects & issue invoices,  purchase orders and quotes.

  • Translation Office 3000 — Translation Management Software for Freelance Translators

Accounting and project management tasks
With this single application you can manage your clients' quotes and payments, issue various invoices & manage your folder structure.

  • AnyCount — Word and Character Count Software

Useful for counting words, characters with spaces, characters without spaces, lines, pages in DOC, RTF, WPD, XLS, PPT, PPS, PDF, CSV, HTM, HTML, XML, MIF, TXT, ZIP, ODT, SDW, SXW, ODS, SDC, SXC, ODP, SDD, SXI, HLP, CHM and many other formats.

Translation Memory Software

AnyMem — User-Friendly Translation Memory Software

AnyMem is a is a translation memory manager for Microsoft Word. AnyMem is compact, stable, easy to learn and to use.

  • AnyLexic — Terminology Management Software

Work with terminology & Create, Edit and Exchange dictionaries.

  • ExactSpent — Time Tracking Software

Time management and time tracking Software. Keeping track of how much time has been spent on each and every job can be tricky, if you do not have the right tool.

  • WinLexic — GUI to Microsoft® Glossaries

Easy solution to quickly search, download and browse Microsoft Dictionaries.

  • ClipCount — Clipboard Character Count and Word Count Software

Ideal for fast text count in any file or program. ClipCount can count word, characters with spaces, characters without spaces and custom count units.

  • CATCount — Computer Assisted Translation Tool for Easy Word Count

CATCount — Computer Assisted Translation Tool for Easy Word Count
CATCount is useful software tool for translation industry professionals. It greatly eases task of accounting of Computer Assisted Translation jobs. CATCount does this by translating complex CAT Scheme into one easy number, i.e. CATCount. Additionally, it provides great features for printing and export of used CAT Scheme together with original word counts, and resulting CATCount. Word count analysis logs of Trados Translator’s Workbench are processed automatically.

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