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Greek learning resources / Greek Online

Greek learning resources

  • Both Ancient and Modern Greek employ the same alphabet, derived from that of the Phoenicians comprising 24 letters.
  • Spoken by some 10 million people in Greece, and also by some 600 thousand in Cyprus.
  • Modern Greek is still largely a synthetic language. It is one of the few Indo-European languages that has retained a synthetic passive. Noticeable changes in its grammar (compared to Classical Greek) include the loss of the dative, the optative mood, the infinitive the dual number, and the participles (except the past participle); the adoption of the gerund; the reduction in the number of noun declensions, and the number of distinct forms in each declension; the adoption of the modal particle θα to denote future and conditional tenses; the introduction of auxiliary verb forms for certain tenses; the extension to the future tense of the aspectual distinction between present/imperfect and aorist; the loss of the third person imperative, and the simplification of the system of grammatical prefixes, such as augmentation and reduplication.




Athens News
Weekly newspaper featuring news, business, arts, and sports.

Athens News Agency (ANA)
Official Greek news service.

Business magazine. English section provides Greek economy statistics and region profiles.

Online travel and culture magazine featuring information and services that interest the traveller intending to visit Greece.

Quality English-language daily newspaper, affiliated with the International Herald Tribune.

Daily financial and business news service.

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Nice sumup...Trying to learn Greek is very difficult :)

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