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MEMSOURCE - The Translation Platform

Memsource Cloud is a complete translation environment that allows you to create your own workflow, and share projects with your vendors. It supports over 50 file types and includes translation memory, integrated machine translation, terminology management, and a web-based as well as a desktop translator’s editor. Project management is done in a browser, and translation memories and termbases are all stored online. The only thing that actually happens on the local computer is the translation (or editing or proofreading).

CAT tools have transformed the language industry. Proz.com has launched a software comparison tool that makes it possible to compare and rate translation software products. Translators often find that some tools come with a confusing set of features and that they are not completely aware of how to use these tools. 

The most popular translation solutions include Wordfast, SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, and Déjà Vu -they are highly priced and translators may even be required to go through extra training or obtain certifications by certain clients and companies. It is not uncommon for a translator to purchase a CAT tool to then find that future clients request that they use a different CAT tool package.

So far freelancers seem to prefer desktop translation tools over their cloud-based alternatives as they may prefer to have all translation resources (e.g. translation memories and terminology) on one’s desktop. Eventually, freelancers will switch to cloud-based translation software given the team-oriented nature of their work.
The Memsource interface is simple and contains all the features also found in other expensive CAT tools. Anyone translating in Memsource Editor will confirm that the Memsource workbench is actually faster than desktop-only CAT tools for most actions. Confirming a segment, searching TM, filtering segments by words or segment status is instantaneous. Memsource Editor is provided as a free download.

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