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Useful subtitling guidelines

While creating subtitles and captions for entertainment is fun and enjoyable, it is not an easy task. Not only do you have to know your target language very well and have perfect in and out cues, you also need to pay special attention to Character limitation, Continuity, Dual Speakers, Forced Narratives, Italics, Punctuation, Quotes, and Reading Speed.
To not get too technical, below are a few simple but important main points that you always need to keep in mind when subtitling and/or captioning.

First and foremost, make sure that you have set the correct video frame rate.
Time captions to the audio, or if necessary within 3 frames of the audio. Keep shot changes in mind when timing.
Position your subtitles center bottom and raise the subtitle (to the top of the screen) in the case of existing on-screen text.
Structure the line breaks of your subtitles so that they follow the conventional rules of the target language. Distribute the lines evenly and do not exceed the safe area.
Don’t forget to run a spell check. There is nothing more frustrating than viewing incorrectly spelt subtitles.
Verify the spelling of names and places.

Subtitles and captions are widely relied on by viewers. How captions are presented, both optically and structurally, could have a serious impact on the viewer’s understanding and enjoyment of the content. The difference between a good and bad experience is usually minor fixable issues.
I hope that you find this article useful.

*About the author:
Kelly O’Donovan is the creator of GOSUB.tv – An education in the art of subtitling.

GOSUB was born from a passion and enthusiasm for subtitling and teaching.
Having started as a linguistic teacher and then moving on to become the Operations Manager of a leading subtitling agency, Kelly used her know-how, affection, and savvy to create efficient and exciting audiovisual courses.
From her years of experience working with producers, dubbing agencies, video-on-demand platforms, entertainment distributors, encoding houses and more, she has learnt a mountain of information about subtitling and closed captioning. She decided to couple this involvement with her other skill set, which is teaching. GOSUB was created for you, and we hope that you will find her courses of value.

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