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The Benefits of Transcribing Corporate Events


Helping your event attendees get the most out of your corporate event, conference or product launch should be integral to organizing it. Sure, your event may have a number of guest speakers and presentations followed by Q & A sessions, but ensuring each person receives all the information presented doesn’t need to be difficult.

Professionally transcribed services will not only provide any missed information, but will expand the audience to reach those whose native language was not that which the event was held in.

Why Use Corporate Transcription Services?

Poor acoustics, a slow internet connection or other commitments can all result in delegates missing key information at your event. Additionally, those interested in the event who speak a different language represent an entire, untapped group. Posting event transcriptions onto your translated website for those who either attended your corporate function personally or have a later, vested interest in it has a number of benefits.:

1.       Remain in the minds of your delegates
Supplying delegates with a transcript of all or key presentations and Q&A sessions after your event is not only courteous, but it provides an excellent summary of the information communicated that they can return to when needed. Attendees will appreciate your support, be able to share it with colleagues, and be more inclined to remember and do business with you.
2.       Fill in the missing gaps
Occasionally, delegates will have other commitments that force them to miss key elements of presentations or parts of a conference – they may have to leave early or take an important call. By following up with post-event transcripts you allow them to keep abreast of developments that may impact the way they do business with you.

Additionally, for those who were unable to attend at all, the transcription provides them the ability to gain insight into your company event. By posting it in a public forum, and going one step further to translate the event, it maximizes the reach of your business. For every company with international aspirations, whether they be a global ecommerce brand or biotech firm, posting transcriptions leads to greater engagement and brand awareness.

3.       Understand all the content
Even events held online through webcast and similar technologies don’t always run to plan. Although they allow people to sit in on events they can’t go to in person, slow or unreliable internet connections or office distractions can have delegates missing important parts of the presentations. For all users whose native language is not the same as the event’s, a translated post can be equally crucial. Transcripts that follow up each online session prove to be useful in both of these cases.
4.       Build your brand’s reputation
Posting transcripts of main events or presentations on your company blog and social media platforms increases your brand visibility. Conference or product launch transcripts can be picked up by journalists and press release sites that will further increase your credibility in your industry along with exposing your brand to a wider audience. Translating these into multiple languages builds on the potential for appealing to a wider, international audience.

Accuracy is Key in Transcription Services
Poor transcripts of an event can be detrimental to your business. Sending transcribed documents filled with grammatical errors and typos to delegates will damage the way your company is perceived. Transcripts need to be accurate, concise and true representations of your corporate event, so choose a reliable transcription service to ensure quality work that will boost your business.

Sirena Rubinoff is the Content Manager at Morningside Translations. She earned her B.A. and Master’s Degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. After completing her graduate degree, Sirena won an international fellowship as a Rotary Cultural Ambassador to Jerusalem. Sirena covers topics related to website and software localization, global business solutions, and the translation industry as a whole.

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